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Guanghui Energy: transform to a comprehensive service supplier of energy and chemical products

Publisher:guanghui  Time:2020-04-28  Read:872

According to Guanghui Energy's 2019 annual report and the first q…...

China Grand Auto Welcomes a Important Opportunities: Second-Handed Cars with Huge Potential

Publisher:guanghui  Time:2020-04-08  Read:768

During an online press conference by Ministry of Commerce on April 2nd…...

Big News!Guanghui Propties Services Co., Ltd. entered China's top 100 real estate development enterprises

Publisher:guanghui  Time:2020-03-18  Read:2302

On March 18, the 2020 China Top 500 Real Estate Evaluation Results Con…...

While preventing the epidemic and stabilizing its operation, Guanghui Properties is organizing the resumption of work and production in an orderly manner.

Publisher:guanghui  Time:2020-02-21  Read:703

Guanghui Properties has thoroughly implemented the decision-making arr…...

China Grand Auto: A Creation of Zero-Contact Safe and Convenient Environment for Car Purchasing , Intelligent Service for All-Round

Publisher:guanghui  Time:2020-02-20  Read:583

Three-Dimensional New Experience During the national battle against C…...

Go all out to fight the epidemic. Guanghui Properties will advance and retreat with you.

Publisher:guanghui  Time:2020-02-06  Read:513

Epidemic is the order, prevention and control is the responsibility! G…...