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Go all out to fight the epidemic. Guanghui Properties will advance and retreat with you.

Release time:2020-02-06   Reading volume:391  source:guanghui

Epidemic is the order, prevention and control is the responsibility! Guanghui Properties conscientiously implemented the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, and the party committee and government of the autonomous region, raised the political position, strengthened responsibility, consciously fulfilled corporate social responsibility, comprehensively investigated the epidemic, went all out to prevent and control the epidemic, and made full efforts to fight the battle against the epidemic.

On January 29th, Guanghui Properties quickly issued an emergency notice and immediately set up an epidemic prevention and control headquarters to strictly implement the responsibility for prevention, conscientiously plan production and operation, and implement six major aspects one by one. Epidemic prevention and control work has been comprehensively improved to ensure that the production, operation and project construction are carried out in an orderly manner.

Guanghui Property was strictly guarded, the source was isolated from the virus infection and comprehensively upgraded its monitoring efforts, fully coordinated with the requirements of community epidemic prevention, and was guarded strictly 24 hours a day by special personnel, and the latest novel coronavirus prevention information was released as soon as possible and firmly defended the first line of epidemic prevention in the community!

Guanghui Thermal Power made every effort to ensure heating, strengthen the emergency management of the heat exchange station, and ensure the safe operation of heating. Guanghui Thermal Power monitored the operating parameters of the heat source and the changes of users' room temperature in real time, and directed and dispatched the heating work according to the early warning information. The emergency team was on standby, ready to deal with all kinds of sudden heating failures that may occur.

The marketing team responded positively to the first-level emergency work of public health emergencies in the autonomous region, conscientiously implemented the arrangements for national epidemic prevention and control work, suspended the golden marketing plan during the Spring Festival, and responded positively to the delay in resuming work.

Behind the epidemic, countless people who are willing to contribute have entrusted our happiness and stability with their missions and responsibilities. With them, we are no longer afraid, because we believe that love and warmth spread faster than the virus.

If there are really heroes in this world, then every one of them is.

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