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Guanghui Basketball Club

Jointly established in 1999 by the Xinjiang Sports Bureau and Guanghui Group. After 20 years of unremitting efforts, the club has now formed a development system with the first team as the main team, second and third line teams of the youth team as the echelons, and the Small Flying Tigers of the special training camp as the reserve force. It has gradually entered competition to become a strong team in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), injecting new vitality into the development of Xinjiang's cultural and sports undertakings, and forming a beautiful new “business card” of Xinjiang.

The Guanghui Flying Tigers Men’s Basketball Team has received the attention and love of the Party Committee and Government of the Autonomous Region, and people from all walks of life, as well as vast numbers of fans. The positive basketball atmosphere of Xinjiang has also strengthened the Guanghui Group’s confidence in continuously increasing the strength of its team building.

Through the joint efforts of all the coaches and players, the Guanghui Flying Tigers Men's Basketball Team faces challenges bravely, never gives up and always strives to be the best. The spirit of the Flying Tigers is another legacy of the Guanghui Group. In the 2016–2017 season,Guanghui’s “Flying Tigers” Men's Basketball Team win the CBA championship. At the same time, it has trained and transported such native Xinjiang minority players as Xiralijan Muhtar, Korambek Makhan and Abdusalamu to the country, greatly promoting the development of Xinjiang’s basketball and competitive sports.