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development history

Initial Establishment Stage (First Startup: 1989–2006)

On May 2nd, 1989, the Urumqi Guanghui Industry and Trade Company, the predecessor of the Guanghui Group, was established.

In May 1990, the company entered the field of petroleum machinery trade.

In February 1993, Xinjiang Guanghui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established and entered the field of real estate development.

In November 1993, Guanghui took the lead in establishing Party organizations in non-public enterprises in Xinjiang.

In 1994, Guanghui Industrial Co., Ltd. was established and entered the stone processing industry.

In 1999, Guanghui entered the automobile sales industry.

In September 1999, the Guanghui Flying Tigers Basketball Club was established in cooperation with the Autonomous Region Sports Bureau.

In May 2000, Guanghui shares were officially listed and traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the "First Share of Chinese Stone".

In 2002, the Group entered the fields of energy development, automobile services and others, initially forming a diversified strategic layout of "Three Major Industries".

In June 2006, China Grand Automotive Services Co., Ltd. was set up.

Strategic Transformation Stage(Second Startup: 2007–2017)

In December 2007, the Guanghui Group held a symposium on development strategies at which it established the goal of focusing on the development of "energy development, automobile services and real estate" and entering the "Fortune Global 500" within 10 years.

In 2008, Guanghui Energy became the first private enterprise in China to possess three kinds of resources covering coal, oil and gas.

In 2011, China Grand Auto ranked at the top of the "Top 100 Automobile Dealers in China" for the first time, took the lead in establishing a leasing company and became the largest passenger car financing and leasing company in China.

In June 2011, the Guanghui Group Real Estate Group was established, marking the official formation of the three major industries of "energy development, automobile services and real estate".

In June 2012, Guanghui Industrial Co., Ltd. successfully transformed itself into a specialized listed energy development company, and changed its name to "Guanghui Energy Co., Ltd."

In June 2013, the cross-border natural gas pipeline between China and Kazakhstan which was invested in and constructed by Guanghui Energy was put into operation, becoming the first cross-border natural gas pipeline to be constructed and operated by a private enterprise in China.

In August 2014, China Grand Auto and Alibaba signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build the most mainstream, transparent and honest used car O2O trading platform in China.

In August 2014, Guanghui Energy became the first private enterprise in China to obtain the qualification for the non-state trade import of crude oil.

In February 2015, China Grand Auto officially launched its SAP ERP system which became the first truly benchmarking management system in the auto distribution service industry.In June of that year, China Grand Auto was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

In October 2015, the Guanghui Group and Chengdu Tianfu New District signed a strategic cooperation and investment agreement.

In March 2016, the headquarters of Guanghui Group, Guanghui Art Museum and supporting projects was held in Tianfu New District, Chengdu.

In June 2016, China Grand Auto completed the successful merger and acquisition of Baoxin Auto.

In December 2016, Guanghui Logistics entered the A-share market.

In April 2017, the Guanghui Flying Tigers Men's Basketball Team won the Chinese Basketball Association championship for the first time. In October of the same year, on behalf of Xinjiang, they took second place in Men's Basketball at the 13th National Games of China.

In June 2017, Guanghui Energy’s Qidong LNG Distribution and Transfer Station was put into trial operation.

In July 2017, the group appeared in the Fortune Global 500 for the first time in 495th place.

In October 2017, the strategic Development Plan of the Guanghui Group2018–2022 was formulated, which clearly put forward the comprehensive improvement of development quality as the core guiding philosophy, and determined the development ideas and goals for the next five years.

Comprehensive Improvement of Development Quality Stage (Third Startup: 2018–2022)

In February 2018, the Guanghui Group held its 2015–2017 summary commendation congress and mobilization meeting for the five-year strategic development plan in order to make general deployments for the start of the "Third Startup".

In July 2018, the Guanghui Group entered the Fortune Global 500 again, ranking 456th.

In September 2018, the Guanghui Group and Evergrande Group signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. The Evergrande Group took a RMB 14.5 billion stake in Guanghui and became the Guanghui Group's second largest shareholder.

In January 2019, Hongnao Railway was officially opened for operation.