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Industry introduction

Guanghui Energy Co., Ltd. ("Guanghui Energy") was founded in 1994 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in May 2000.Since 2012, the company has successfully transformed into a professional energy developer.


Modern Industry/Green Development/Clean Energy Transformation/Efficient Utilization

Guanghui Energy is currently the only private enterprise in China to incorporated coal, oil and gas resources, and realize green and circular development.It has four industrial bases for natural gas lique faction, coal mining, coal chemical production and oil and gas exploration and development respectively, and provides a variety of core products including LNG, methanol, coal, and coal tar products.This large public energy company has integrated the upstream section of coal mining, oil and gas exploration and production, the middle section of energy transformation and efficient utilization, and the downstream section of logistics, transportation and end-point markets.


Manufacturing and Marketing Integration

Introduction of Foreign Investment for the Construction of Domestic Connections

Energy Corridor

Nationwide Presence


Three bases: Guanghui Energy’s clean and efficient coal utilization and transformation base in Xinjiang, comprehensive oil and gas development base in Central Asia, and comprehensive oil and gas development base in North America, focus on the Green low carbon development. Three logistics parks: Qidong Park in Jiangsu, Jiujia Park in Gansu and Zhongwei Park in Ningxia form a nationwide presence with regional advantages. Three energy corridors: The outbound channel from Xinjiang (Hongliuhe–Naomaolake Railway and Naomaolake–Liugou Highway), China-Kazakhstan cross-border pipeline and seaborne oil and gas pipe lines reflect the effectiveness of investment introduction and the construction of domestic connections.


Belt and Road

International Cooperation

Complementary Resources

Energy Security

Guanghui Energy will around the“Belt and Road Initiative”,focuses on energy development along the whole supply chain, the company will become globally oriented and active in international energy cooperation in order to contribute to a stable Central Asian market and a wider North American market; it will aim to acquire green resources, meet domestic energy demands, become a practitioner of the national energy strategy and help ensure national energy security.

To contribute to China's growing energy demand and customer needs


To become the international public energy company with the most potential

The “Five Firsts”

China’s first private enterprise to realize the industrial operation of land-based LNG

China’s first private enterprise possess oil and gas resources abroad

China’s first private enterprise build national grid heavy rail electrified railways

China’s first private enterprise to build and operate cross-border natural gas pipelines

China’s first private enterprise to obtain the non-state trade import qualification for crude oil

Four Trinities

Three Resources


The Company possesses abundant coal areas at Naomao Lake in Hami and other places in Xinjiang, with exploration reserves exceeding 18 billion tons, making it possible to build the largest open-pit mining project in China.

Natural Gas

The Company produces LNG coal-to-methanol at Naomao Lake Coal Chemical Base in Hami, Xinjiang. In its Oil-Gas Integration Project at Lake Zaysan in Serebryansk, Kazakhstan, 6,360 million m³ of proven original geological reserves of natural gas have been found. There are also 14 blocks in Tarran and Dallas, two counties of Texas, with more than 30 billion㎡ of natural gas reserves.


The Company owns the Lake Zaysan Oil-Gas Exploration Project in Kazakhstan. It is mainly composed of heavy oil and supplemented by natural gas, with proved original oil reserves of 258,667 kilotons.

Three Bases

Clean and Efficient Coal Utilization and Transformation Base, Hami, Xinjiang

1.2 Million-ton Methanol/800,000-Ton Dimethyl Ether and 500 Million ㎡ Liquefied Natural Gas Project; 10 Million-ton/year Coal Upgrading and Clean Utilization Project; 

40,000-ton Dimethyl Disulfide and 10,000-ton/year Dimethyl Sulfoxide Sulfur Project.

Comprehensive Oil and Gas Development Base, Central Asia

Oil and Gas Development Project at Lake Zaysan, Kazakhstan; LNG Plant in Jeminay, Xinjiang

Comprehensive Oil and Gas Development Base, North America


Three Parks

Qidong Park, Jiangsu

The Lüsi Port LNG Terminal at Nantong Port will have a capacity of 3 million tons annually and 8–10 million tons by 2022.

Jiujia Park, Gansu

Zhongwei Park, Ningxia

Three Corridors

Seaborne Oil and Gas Pipelines

Guanghui Energy LNG Distribution Station is located in Qidong of Jiangsu Province, on the north side of the Yangtze River estuary, facing the Yellow Sea to the east and Shanghai across the river to the south. It is a pilot project of national oil and gas reform, opening the seaborne channel in Guanghui Energy's "Big Energy, Big Logistics, Big Market" strategic plan, effectively ensuring the energy supply to the Yangtze River Delta and promoting the upgrading of the industrial structure.

Outbound Channels from Xinjiang

Construction commenced on the Naomaolake-Liugou High way which a total length of 480 km in May 2010, and it was officially opened to traffic in September of the same year. It is Xinjiang's first high way dedicated to the “Eastward Transportation of Xinjiang Coal” and with an annual capacity of 20 million tons.

Construction commenced on the Hongliuhe-Naomaolake Railway in March 2012, and it was officially opened to traffic in January 2019. With a total length of 435.6 km and it was the first Class heavy rail electrified railway to be approved by the state government, built by private capital and incorporated into China's medium and long-term road network planning. At the beginning, an annual transportation capacity is 39.5 million tons and will achieve 150 million tons annually in the future.

China-Kazakhstan Cross-border Pipeline 

As China's first cross-border oil and gas pipeline  invested by private capital, this pipelines runs for 115.5 km from Serebryansk in Kazakhstan to Jeminay County in Xinjiang. Officially put into operation in June 2013, it has an annual gas transmission capacity of more than 500 million m3.

Achievements in Scientific and Technological Innovation

In recent years, Guanghui Energy has invested in a number of clean energy projects, including Xinjiang Guanghui New Energy and Coal Chemical Project, the oil and gas fields at Lake Zaysan under the Kazakhstan TBM Company, the 500million m³/Yr Downstream LNG Construction Project in Jeminay County, Qidong LNG Terminal, etc. The company takes the lead in developing a new coal chemical industry through extensive cooperation. It aims to build a deep processing refined chemical industry and extend the industrial chain through scientific and technological innovation. In 2019, Hami New Energy Company ranked among the "national high-tech enterprises".


Guanghui Energy is recognized by the LNG industry as the first LNG company in China and a leader of establishing sound systems for land-based LNG construction, production, logistics and marketing.

The company’s achievements in scientific and technological innovation include Development of Medium and Heavy Duty LNG Special Vehicles, Industrial Model Experiment of Synthetic Gas Methanation Technology and National LNG Filling Station Industry Standard under the "863 Program".It also holds more than 50 national patents. The demonstration of such national and Autonomous District innovation studios as "Masters’ Studio", "Guoqiang’s Studio" and "Model Workers’ Studio" has greatly improved the innovation ability of Guanghui Energy.