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Talent Construction

Talent Construction

The Guanghui Group has always attached great importance to the construction of talent teams, put forward the concept of "People who are suited to the job are talents; suitability ensures excellence" and formulated the strategy of "talents first". The company has formed a fair, open, competitive and upward talent development environment and built a training system for the healthy growth of talent swhich highlights their supporting role in the company’s development.

By December 2018, the Guanghui Group had 108,000 employees in total. Personnel with college or higher education accounted for 63% of the total number of employees. According to the Guanghui Group's five-year development strategic plan, it is estimated that by the end of 2022, 20% of whom will have bachelor's degrees or above and 20% of whom will hold various other titles and qualifications. The plan also aims at improvement of the employees welfare level.

In order to cultivate a wealth of talent for its sound and sustainable development,The Group has compiled and printed the Guanghui Group Strategic Plan for Strong Talents and Enterprises 2018–2022 as an action program for implementing the strategy of prioritizing the development of talents.

The Guanghui Group adheres to the principle of "build-from-within as the main policy and external introduction as the supplement".It has launched five major talent training plans: the "Thousand Elites Plan", "From Young Crops to Green Vines, then Ivy" Talent Pool Plan, New Staff Training Plan, Professional and Technical Personnel Training Plan,and Advanced Skilled Personnel Training Plan. Guanghui Energy has carried out the “Mentoring System" Training Plan, formulating a series of systems to guarantee the training of professional and technical personnel. Grand Auto is committed to building the "L1–L4"phased talent training mode. Guanghui Logistics and Guanghui Properties have established a three-level training system and started the "Backbone Plan-Elite Plan-Pilot Plan".

The Group is building “three teams”: a managerial team which is effective at commanding and winning battles, a professional and leading technical team, and an indomitable and well-implemented staff team.