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China Grand Auto: A Creation of Zero-Contact Safe and Convenient Environment for Car Purchasing , Intelligent Service for All-Round

Release time:2020-02-20   Reading volume:639  source:guanghui

Three-Dimensional New Experience

During the national battle against Control COVID-19,as the largest auto dealer group in China, China Grand Auto not only contributes to the epidemic areas, but also actively develops business ideas for its customers with more safe, convenient, effective and intelligent service for car purchasing, while ensuring the rights and interests of customers and making it with the greatest convenience.

Intelligent Home Exhibition Hall for More Than 50 Brands and Nearly a Thousand New Cars

Relying on its comprehensive information deployment, China Grand Auto has created an online "intelligent exhibition hall", zero-contact service for  vehicle insurance renewal, after-sales 24-hour consultation and rescue, complimentary "return home package” and free disinfection and other timely and high-quality services during the epidemic.

The online service of "intelligent exhibition hall" offers panoramic VR intelligent exhibition hall for showing cars, one-click for viewing cars, on-line exhibition hall is working 24/7, providing services of online selection, online communication and remote payment. It is a platform to help the customers check car panorama online, conduct online activities of choosing configuration, appearance, interior selection, and negotiation, and online remote deposit delivery for purchase. China grand owned more than 50 sub-brands. during the outbreak of the epidemic, nearly 800 stores have put their core sales business online, called on all staff to carry out promotion of its thousand kinds of vehicles for sale through the current mainstream social platforms. And it requires its sales consultants to update website content timely, focus on customer's questions and give answers in time, at the same time take advantage of the frequently used live broadcast platforms for promote its sales, make video with characteristics to attract customers, carry out the store's sales business, and attentively complete services.

Store staff are working online for providing on-line car loan, conduct online interaction, and respond to customers' questions in detail timely. The sales department of each store has a special person for telephone customer service every day, and has its hotline working for 24-hour services of consultation and entry appointment, so that the customers can receive timely services of vehicle maintenance or repair after its business goes normal.

Zero-contact vehicle renewal service and special telephone renewal service for renewal efficiently without physical contact. Elite teams are set up in some stores to provide more efficient and professional "cloud services", so as to keep various consulting services available in an effective way. The stores prepare network insurance plans, consulting and quotation on WeChat, exclusive telephone service, Huiyangche APP and other comprehensive support, so as to help its customers receive online services for car insurance without going out of home.

In addition, 4S stores also provide its customers with free vehicle checking services during the Spring Festival, giving free protective tools including masks, free protective measures of disinfection for vehicle and air conditioning during the journey.

Unite as One and Carry Out All-Round Epidemic Preventions Strictly

China Grand Car carries out strict safety system for good performance in store disinfection and epidemic prevention publicity. The staffs on duty should carry out daily preventive disinfection in the stores in an omni-directional and no dead angle way, including all entrances and exits, exhibition hall, paint, workshop, office area, rest area, restaurants, as well as daily temperature detection on the attendant and store customers, which guarantees a safe and clean environment in the store. At the same time, the store makes videos to teach its staff how to disinfect and carry out epidemic prevention, and send these videos to the staffs through WeChat or in other ways, so that do a good job in daily working and work resumption during the epidemic period.

Make In-Depth Arrangements to Response to the Epidemic Prevention after the Chinese New Year Holiday

In order to ensure orderly work resumption after the festival, China Grand Auto actively carries out epidemic prevention work in guiding and tracking the epidemic information, managing the returning staffs, supervising epidemic prevention work in all regions, and following policy by the government and manufacturers. Prepare epidemic prevention and arrangements before work resumption, improve awareness of epidemic prevention, and realize effective prevention.

China Grand Auto is prioritizing the prevention of Control COVID-19, with all its regions, stores sticking to this key task and carrying out this mission. All of the implements are for employees' life safety and health, which are what China Grand Auto concerns most. We will definitely implement all epidemic prevention and control measures, fulfill our responsibilities and make joint efforts to the battle against Control COVID-19.