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Deepen the investor relations: Guanghui Energy Co., LTD. won three awards of “Tianma Award”

Release time:2020-05-13   Reading volume:2772  source:guanghui

On May 13, the "Eleventh China Listed Companies Investor Relations Tianma Award", sponsored by the Securities Times and guided by the CSI Small and Medium Investor Service Center, released its award list. Guanghui Energy Co., LTD. (hereafter referred as Guanghui Energy) won the "Best Board of Directors" award in succession for its excellent corporate governance and superb board construction; Ms. Ni Juan, Guanghui Energy's deputy General Manager and General Secretary of the Board of Directors, stood out from 3,000-plus board secretaries of listed enterprises nationwide, and won the "Best Board Secretary Award" in succession and the 16th New Fortune "Golden Board Secretary" with her outstanding business capabilities and dedicated work attitude; Guanghui Energy won the Best New Media Operation Award" via attaching great importance to the operation of new media and timely and clearly releasing its latest developments to investors.

Standing at the starting point of the new journey since the 20th listing anniversary, the  gained three awards of the "Tianma Award" are a full recognition of Guanghui Energy's Board of Directors, Board Secretary and the management team of investor relations, but also an inspiration to reach the peak and march forward for unprecedented progress. Since the listing of Guanghui Energy, along with to assist the Xinjiang's economic and social stable development, it has achieved a total revenue of 88.838 billion RMB, a net profit of 12.401 billion RMB, a total tax payment of 9.723 billion RMB, and a cumulative dividend amount of 2.119 billion RMB. Under the guidance of the national energy development strategic action plan, followed by the  New Securities Law and the implementation of the Registration System, Guanghui Energy will continue to conduct the unique passion and fighting will of energy practitioners with the invincible will and the zest to act immediately, join hands with vast of shareholders, contribute forces for the innovation and progress of the energy industry, the enhancement and improvement of people's livelihood!