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Guanghui Xueliantang Art Museum obtained the Three-star Green Building Design logo certificate

Release time:2020-05-13   Reading volume:1400  source:guanghui

(Zheng Zhongxin and zhong Xin from Shuxin Company) Recently, Project of Guanghui Xueliantang Art Museum of Shuxin Company has obtained the certificate of three-star green building design logo which issued by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. This is the highest national standard of green building evaluation and the first of many Guanghui projects to win this award.

From the very beginning of construction, the art Museum project has been actively implementing the goal of three-star green building with a full life cycle according method of "design-construction-Operation". Used BIM and CFD simulation technology in the design stage for virtual construction and accurate calculation to ensure optimization of the preliminary scheme and realize the rational layout of the building. Finally creatied environmental protection projects from the source. Rooftop hybrid lawn greening, radiant air-conditioning system, smart building management and a variety of green building technologies were used during the construction. This effectively realized the sustainable development goal of "four energy saving and one environmental protection" (energy saving, land saving, water saving, material saving and environmental protection).

The award of Guanghui Art Museum project sets a green benchmark for architectural design of Shu Xin Company and effectively enhances the brand influence in Chengdu. Next step, Shuxin will take the green building project of Guanghui Art Museum as an opportunity to create more and better green projects, continue to provide customers with an ideal living environment, and strive to become a real estate operator and quality life service provider for urban residents throughout their life cycle.